Episode recaps

Episode 37

Amy and August discover The Simpsons. They enjoy it. Like a lot.

August can’t hear “pew pew” without seeing this meme

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From Buzzfeed Princess Leia shoots two church pews out of her gun. (Pew, Pew!)

Write along. Sponsored by August’s book of prompts–Promptly

  • If you’re Scottish, how do you pronounce the name “Tavie”?
  • Your character: Female, Timothy aka “Timi”.
  • The scenario: Timi is unable to celebrate her favorite holiday.
  • Prompt by Promptly:  Put your character in a position to gamble, whether because it’s their habit or circumstance. Make them bet something dear–what is it, and how do they react if they lose? You’ve got 10 minutes. Go!
  • Collaborate with us!

Behind the Times: The Simpsons!

  • The theme song is catchy.
  • Bart is kind of a d!ck.
  • Redemption is key.
  • Itchy & Scratchy Show is creepy AF.

Studio update

  • August pitches a car podcast.
  • Working on our EP.
  • Amy strums and plucks a uke.
  • August is working on her next Accidental Magic short story.
  • And more!

Other things we mentioned–mostly reality relationship shows.

Episode recaps

Episode 36

August watched Frozen for the first time.

We get a pulse on the studio’s health in this studio update

We’re Wise+1 and we explain what that means

Behind the times: August hates Frozen

  • Spoiler alert: the landscape is flat, the dresses are poorly designed, and Moana was better.

Links to all the other stuff we talked about