Episode recaps

Episode 40

We’re back and living our best lives collaborating with strangers from the internet.

Studio update!

Wise+: how we stay creative when tired

  • Making space for mindless/indulgent consumption
  • Generating story ideas, but no details
  • Making playlists
  • Mood boards
  • Country roads and audiobooks

Book Club:


Crow shirt from the great Alexis

Joni aka “Three” by Claire

Casual fursona by Jesse

Cross stitch of our favorite judge-y goat: Needle and Dread

August in epicness by AWrightAristry

Episode recaps

Episode 38

August lost her comfortable silence during social distancing and Amy nails it on the head. Join us in this episode of The Writers in the Room.

Studio update

Monster writers
Possum poets


  • Sprint planning. A definition from other professionals.
  • Break bigger tasks into smaller tasks. You wouldn’t shove an entire turkey into your face, you’d carve that sucker up.
  • Amy lies about how intimidated she is.

Book Club

  • Amy’s note: Amy is dumb and she listened to “Minimum Wage Magic” and “Part-Time Gods” by Rachel Aaron. Not Part-time Magic.
  • Amy feels there was some baiting and switching. But the world-building is great.
  • August went back to her fave Maggie Stiefvater and read her new book “Call Down the Hawk.”
  • August is here for the sappy.

The other stuff

four friends in a backyard. Amy holds a white deck chair to bounce sunlight
Amy’s a crafty photographer’s assistant.