Episode recaps

Episode 40

We’re back and living our best lives collaborating with strangers from the internet.

Studio update!

Wise+: how we stay creative when tired

  • Making space for mindless/indulgent consumption
  • Generating story ideas, but no details
  • Making playlists
  • Mood boards
  • Country roads and audiobooks

Book Club:


Crow shirt from the great Alexis

Joni aka “Three” by Claire

Casual fursona by Jesse

Cross stitch of our favorite judge-y goat: Needle and Dread

August in epicness by AWrightAristry

Episode recaps

Episode 39

Now, more than ever, we’re in a room, keeping our germs to ourselves. Guess what, we’re still behind on pop culture.

Behind the Times: Amy gets her first console

Wise+: Adapting during social distancing

  • Staying busy for those of us that need projects, and getting down time for those of us who need space.
  • Grace is key.
  • August embraces doing just one thing.
  • Incentivize, set boundaries, move your body.
  • Amy is schedule-flexible and listens to her body.

Studio update!

Other mentionings:

Episode recaps

Episode 38

August lost her comfortable silence during social distancing and Amy nails it on the head. Join us in this episode of The Writers in the Room.

Studio update

Monster writers
Possum poets


  • Sprint planning. A definition from other professionals.
  • Break bigger tasks into smaller tasks. You wouldn’t shove an entire turkey into your face, you’d carve that sucker up.
  • Amy lies about how intimidated she is.

Book Club

  • Amy’s note: Amy is dumb and she listened to “Minimum Wage Magic” and “Part-Time Gods” by Rachel Aaron. Not Part-time Magic.
  • Amy feels there was some baiting and switching. But the world-building is great.
  • August went back to her fave Maggie Stiefvater and read her new book “Call Down the Hawk.”
  • August is here for the sappy.

The other stuff

four friends in a backyard. Amy holds a white deck chair to bounce sunlight
Amy’s a crafty photographer’s assistant.

Episode recaps

Episode 37

Amy and August discover The Simpsons. They enjoy it. Like a lot.

August can’t hear “pew pew” without seeing this meme

See the source image
From Buzzfeed Princess Leia shoots two church pews out of her gun. (Pew, Pew!)

Write along. Sponsored by August’s book of prompts–Promptly

  • If you’re Scottish, how do you pronounce the name “Tavie”?
  • Your character: Female, Timothy aka “Timi”.
  • The scenario: Timi is unable to celebrate her favorite holiday.
  • Prompt by Promptly:  Put your character in a position to gamble, whether because it’s their habit or circumstance. Make them bet something dear–what is it, and how do they react if they lose? You’ve got 10 minutes. Go!
  • Collaborate with us!

Behind the Times: The Simpsons!

  • The theme song is catchy.
  • Bart is kind of a d!ck.
  • Redemption is key.
  • Itchy & Scratchy Show is creepy AF.

Studio update

  • August pitches a car podcast.
  • Working on our EP.
  • Amy strums and plucks a uke.
  • August is working on her next Accidental Magic short story.
  • And more!

Other things we mentioned–mostly reality relationship shows.

Episode recaps

Episode 36

August watched Frozen for the first time.

We get a pulse on the studio’s health in this studio update

We’re Wise+1 and we explain what that means

Behind the times: August hates Frozen

  • Spoiler alert: the landscape is flat, the dresses are poorly designed, and Moana was better.

Links to all the other stuff we talked about

Episode recaps

Episode 35

We’re back! And we’re talking dayjobsdoes knowing too much make you too scared to start? Also, Amy realizes her brain is a muscle.

In this episode we check in on how NaNoWriMo went.

  • Amy’s characters finally talk to her.
  • August’s egg timer was super effective.

Therapy hour: We talk about our day jobs.

  • The voice digital assistant world is an ambiguous and foggy. space that needs leadership with a vision.
  • The power of not knowing what you don’t know.

Studio update: Sometimes we’re hypocrites, but we’re always working on something.