Who we are

A drawing of August's face


I nearly drowned when I was two and ever since then I’ve had a serious to-do list addiction. Amy once described me as having “a solution to every suggestion.” I must be a delight at parties.

I wanted to write novels when I was five and now I desperately want to write novels again; in between those moments of clarity, I’ve dabbled in sports journalism and dialog design. I’ve self-published twice now and intend to keep the circus rolling.

My favorite fictional flavors are science fiction, supernatural, and magical realism. If it doesn’t have dragons, I’m probably not interested.

A drawing of Amy


I spend a third of my energy focusing on not singing along to my music while working in an open studio full of professionals.

I went from studying art history to nannying to UX writing at a giant tech company. In my free time I write stories that revolve around misfits, imposter syndrome, and grumpy women with curly hair.

I’m in my first year of the struggle with my first novel. And my second year of struggle with the ukulele. I love it all.